Perth couple share they’ve been tormented by neighbours for years

A Perth couple have told 7News that they’ve faced years of abuse and torment from their neighbours because of their sexuality.

Respected botanist Professor Kingsley Dixon shared that he and his partner of more than 40 years have felt like they have been under siege for years with neighbours posting offensive signs and firing bullets into his rural property.

“They’ve put up a number of signs on trees saying ‘homos are pedophiles and child molesters’ and ‘homos go home’ Professor Dixon said in the confronting interview where he also shared that one one occasion he was pushed to the ground and a man attempted to urinate on him.

The couple’s property is located in Waroona, which is just over 100 kilometres south of Perth. Professor Dixon said he was disappointed with the lack of police response over the last seven years.

In a statement to 7News WA Police said they had responded to a number of complaints from between the property owners over the years.

“Each report received has been thoroughly investigated, and in each instance, no criminal offences have been proceeded with.” a police spokesperson said.

Police said the most recent incident they responded to, where neighbours had allegedly intimated visitors to the property by branding firearms, did not constitute any breach of the laws as the firearms were licensed and were being used for lawful activities.

Take a look at the report filed by 7News. 

OIP Staff

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