pinkpirate delivers new tune ‘Daisy’ and the video is delightful

pinkpirate is an artist you might not have come across before, but their new tune Daisy got our attention with its slightly warped vocals and subtle beats. The tune sounds like the ray of sunshine that would falls upon some flowers.

Their new EP I Don’t Want To Grow Up Boring will be out this September on [PIAS] Recordings. The new single was co-produced alongside Bullion, and follows previous track and video Do You Want It All.

pinkpirate is 20-year-old Bognor Regis musician and producer Caitlin Brown, who first caught ears with a series of self-releases including 2021 single Nowhere, which has amassed over 1.5 million streams.

With Daisy, pinkpirate hopes to portray a positive queer narrative, focusing on the innocence and naivety in the early stages of queer relationships.

Caitlin shared that the song was inspired by her partner, but is also about all relationships that involve Women Loving Women (WLW).

“I started writing Daisy when my girlfriend joked about me writing a song for her within the first few weeks of our relationship. I wanted to try and capture the innocence of a brand new relationship, especially within a WLW relationship that is often seen in a sexualised or demonised way.

“Although it is partly a song for my partner, it’s also a song to help talk about WLW relationships in general. I really wanted to talk about small things that are relatable to everyone to try and highlight how queer relationships involve the same things as any other relationship.

“I began writing with the chorus and it was inspired by some more R&B/jazz music that I was listening to a lot of at the time, including H.E.R and Raveena.”

The track’s visuals follow on from the mood set in the video for previous single Do You Want It All, this time following the course of a first date by the seaside as early affections bloom.

“We spent a day filming in Brighton, which is where my partner lives. The song is basically talking about being there together so it felt like it was only right to be shot there,” Caitliin said,

“It was also really nice to film in a place that is really LGBTQ+ friendly, with some of my favourite people, I think it all ties in really nicely with the song.”

Take a listen to Daisy from pinkpirate. 

Graeme Watson, image: Matilda Hill-Jenkins 

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