Pride WA offer community grants to support local groups

Pride WA

Pride WA have announced a new small grant scheme to support local community groups.

“As an organisation we are privileged to have the profile in the greater community and it’s a no-brainer for us to use that to deliver better outcomes for our community and give a leg up to the many wonderful community, sporting and social groups who already do amazing work.” Pride WA said announcing the scheme.

Pride WA says the new scheme supports their goal of moving beyond the organisation of thew annual festival and parade, and being an active organisation throughout the year.

The goal of the scheme is to allow local LGBTQIA+ community groups and bodies to uplift, encourage, educate and develop the broader community. Grants must meet community needs, promote our community’s well-being or empower our community.

Community Grants Program is available to any and all LGBTQIA+ community and engaged groups or bodies, up to a maximum value of $2,500 inclusive of GST.

Find out more online, applications close 31st December 2022. 

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