Prime Minster asked about covert Nazi styled mind control

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been asked about the gay community’s rumoured Nazi styled mind control.

In parliament  the PM was questioned about a One Nation candidate’s claims that the LGBTI community uses a Nazi or Soviet styled covert mind control program to build support for gay rights.

Tony Burke, the Manager of Opposition Business in the house, put the question to the PM during question time yesterday.

My question is to the Prime Minister. I refer to his earlier answers, where he has defended his industry minister describing One Nation as ‘more sophisticated’.

One Nation in Western Australia has now said the gay community across the world has developed a covert mind-control program to campaign for marriage equality, ‘using many of the strategies developed for the Soviets and then the Nazis’.

Does the Prime Minister stand by his earlier answers? How long can the Turnbull government continue to make excuses for One Nation?

The Prime Minister dismissed the concern saying that one party giving preferences to another is not an endorsement of the other parties policies or beliefs. Turnbull highlighted the policy differences between The Greens and the Labor party as an example.

Mr Speaker, the Labor Party preferences and receives preferences from the Greens Party, which advocates legalising drugs of addiction. It advocates abandoning the US alliance. It advocates de-industrialising Australia. And I do not believe the Labor Party agrees with any of those policies.

The fact of the matter is that in a preferential system, parties will reach preference deals in order to maximise their chances of success.

The Labor Party has done that, and the coalition parties have done that, too. I might draw to the honourable member’s attention, if he has not seen it, the extraordinary, threatening speech of Senator Kim Carr in the Senate today—where he threatens—directly—Senator Hinch over an alleged preference deal that the Labor Party did with Senator Hinch, in which he claims that Senator Hinch had agreed to certain untold matters on industrial law.

So the reality is, the Labor Party is using its preferences—and doing it very openly in the Senate—to threaten Independent senators.

The Liberal party has faced scrutiny after striking a preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in the Western Australian election. WA Premier Colin Barnett has defended the move. Barnett declared that his responsibility is to ensure his government is re-elected on March 11th.

On Sunday, Industry Minister Arthur Sidodinos told the ABC that the One Nation party were not the same group they were 20 years ago and had become a lot more sophisticated.

The support for the right wing party that is rapidly growing in popularity comes despite their candidates often being exposed for having made controversial comments on sexuality, race and religion.

Image: File photo: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in parliament.

Graeme Watson

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