Professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos says he’s an ‘Ex-Gay’ now

Professional troll and desperate attention seeker Milo Yiannopoulos has surfaced again. The conservative speaker, who has been banned off most social media platforms and sparked riots at his public speaking events, has declared he’s no longer gay and is now on a mission to improve the public perception of conversion therapy.

In an interview with rightwing Christian website Life Site News Yiannopoulos said he was now an “Ex-Gay” and “sodomy free”. The commentator who used to be a regular guest on Sky News and a vocal supporter of US President Donald Trump, said he only got into being gay to annoy his mother and torment political opponents.

“I was never wholly at home in the gay lifestyle — Who is? Who could be? — and only leaned heavily into it in public because it drove liberals crazy to see a handsome, charismatic, intelligent gay man riotously celebrating conservative principles.” he said.

In the interview Yiannopoulos says he now treats his homosexuality like alcoholism. The conservative mouthpiece says embracing religion lead to his conversion to heterosexuality, and his new career goals are promoting conversion therapy and fighting abortion.

“As you might expect, my professional priorities are shifting somewhat, given my new spiritual preoccupations. Over the next decade, I would like to help rehabilitate what the media calls “conversion therapy.” It does work, albeit not for everybody. As for my other aspirations and plans, well, no change: I’ve always considered abortion to be the pre-eminent moral horror of human history. I’ll keep saying so — even more loudly than before.” Yiannopoulos said.

While Yiannopoulos is dedicating himself to being the face of conversion therapy, there is a significant body of research that shows that the practice causes significant harm to many people. Many territories have introduced laws to protect people from the practice. In Australia legislation has been passed in Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.

As for his husband, Yiannopoulos says he considers him now to just be a housemate.

“The guy I live with has been demoted to housemate, which hasn’t been easy for either of us. It helps that I can still just about afford to keep him in Givenchy and a new Porsche every year. Could be worse for him, I guess.”

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