My relationship is not your entertainment, are you serious?



We get a lot of media releases at OUTinPerth, hundreds of them everyday. They flow in from the world of politics, entertainment, business, community groups, causes and charities.

This week we got an email from Sportsbet asking if we’d like to do a story on the different odds they’re offering on whether or not the plebiscite legislation will be passed.

They tout that they’re offering lots of different odds on a variety of outcomes. When the plebiscite will be held, when will the legislation be passed by the senate, or you can take a punt that it might stall on the senate floor. Maybe you’d like to hazard a guess about when marriage equality will finally become a reality in Australia.

I thought spending in excess of $160 million dollars and asking the whole country if gay people should have equal rights was offensive – advertising the chance to entertain yourself with a bet on the outcome – are you serious?

I’m not opposed to gambling, far from it, I’ve spent a third of my working life in the gaming industry. It’s where I met my partner 16 and half years ago – which is about the same amount of time I’ve been waiting for marriage equality.

Graeme Watson


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