Review: Hannah Gadsby

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Hannah Gadsby at The Perth International Comedy Festival: Saturday May 18, 2013

Hannah Gadsby was tired. Sooo tired. Tired of people laughing at her behind her back. So she turned around and became a stand up comedian and is now the Captain of her own fridge. In her latest show – ‘Happiness is a Bedside Table’ – Hannah talks about how she has finally made it into adulthood at the tender age of thirty five.

Hannah has a remarkable way of relating her life’s journey from being a tortured teen, losing her innocence and confidence to a life changing moment, naked in a rip, where she began the long journey to a place where she can look at herself and laugh and make others fall to pieces in hysterics.

One of the most appealing things about her routine is that she very quietly sets up jokes that she pays off much later. For example why you never meet any nude bush walkers…

This is a show for anyone who has ever felt picked on, which lets face it, is everyone who isn’t a white middle aged heterosexual male.

If you’ve never seen Hannah in action then you’re missing out. She speaks with honesty and bravery and fully deserved the standing ovation she received!

Joey Cookman

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