Review: Poly

Poly 1 Graeme likes this one bestCurrently playing at the Fringe World this season is everything that the three year old festival encapsulates and more.

If you’re looking for a play with an unusual plot, performed by fantastic local actresses, in a quirky, intimate tent, then Poly is an absolute must. Poly explores the  polyamorous relationship between three women, and the highs and lows that come with it.  

With local writers putting together a script of utter perfection, the audiences are thrown from the moment the three women meet, to the moment they all fall in love, to the struggles of conflicting life goals. Taking you through moments of unimaginable heat and passion to cold longstanding despise, the scenes have no chronological order but make complete sense.

Poly has moments of stomach-cramping laughter (prepare for perfectly executed lesbian jokes), as well as moments that will leave you crying with your hair standing up on end.

Poly will be showing at the Moonhouse tent until Feb 24. You can you grab your tickets at the Fringe World box office or here.

Nadine Walker



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