Review | Regan Lynch attempts to do it in public

Regan Lynch Does It In Public | The Deluxe | til Feb 4 | ★ ★

Regan Lynch takes to the stage in an attempt to plumb the depths of his sex life, but for what reason? I honestly couldn’t say. Suffering from a lack of an ongoing narrative or wider commentary, Lynch’s one-man comedy-cabaret show stumbles from one experience to the next, ultimately aimlessly and without purpose.

Billed as debauched and unconventional, his piece moves from irreverent to downright offensive. Jokes made at the expense of people living with HIV fall flat, while seeming endorsements of unsafe-sex are jarring and potentially harmful. Irreverence in comedy certainly has its place, however most of his observations lacked purpose, and often just a punchline itself.

But was it all bad? Certainly not. An appearance from ‘Eric Abetz’ had the audience in stitches, but perhaps that was because it was one of the few moments that seemed to give any form of constructive social-commentary. Lynch certainly has a comedic ability, his lines of improvisation revealed a timing and wittiness that was at times charming and funny. His flamboyant dance, a welcome and entertaining reprieve from seemingly endless song interludes.

Ultimately the highlights of the show are found in the few moments of vulnerable insight into certain aspects of queer culture. He touches on weighty topics such as domestic violence, self-loathing and attitudes towards the queer community, for which he should be lauded. However, he does only ‘touch on’ these issues rather than presenting any deeper exploration, which is a shame as they had the potential to be quite powerful.

Lynch’s piece shows promise, with a subject matter that needs discussion. But sex-positivity, if that is what he is trying to achieve, doesn’t come about through dangerous representations of the queer community. Honest examinations of sexual practices and queer relationships can cause an audience to consider their own behaviours, however there’s a fine-line between public discussion and public endorsement. Regan Lynch has a way to go in navigating meaningful representation and constructing a cohesive piece that communicates his ideas clearly. Unfortunately, at this point I feel he missed the mark with this performance.

Regan Lynch is at The Deluxe in the Pleasure Gardens until Sunday 4th February. Tickets and more information available from

Craig Campbell

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