Roisin Murphy Rocks a Creation by Perth Drag Artist Ginava

Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy onstage in London wearing Ginava’s creation.

Local drag artist Ginava is known for her unique and inventive outfits. She’s used everything from Starburst wrappers to tinsel in her trademark wild ensembles and now one of her creations has made it onstage on none other than one of music’s most elusive and mysterious artists, Roisin Murphy.

Ginava told OUTinPerth all about how she ended up dressing the well-loved singer.

How did you end up making a costume for Róisín Murphy?

I had made the garment originally for James St. James to wear on Transformation for a look I was doing, then when I got back home from the US, I decided I wanted to perform in it for Drag Factory, which happend to be to a Róisín Murphy song called Ruby Blue.

Claire Alexander had taken some photos and a video of the garment in action which got uploaded to social media and had Róisín tagged to the images. Róisín then saw the images and commented saying how much she liked the outfit. So I asked “Where do I send it to?” After some extra additions and adjustments to the garment, it was on its way to London and on her Hairless Toys album tour.

How did it feel to see your creation onstage with such a well-known and admired performer?

It’s great to get recognition for your work by anybody who truly appreciates it, but having it come from someone of her stature, one who I have admired for a long time, makes it even more special.

Has this experience reaffirmed your commitment to your art?

In some ways, yes and no. You cant let other peoples opinions determine the decisions you want to make with your life, whether those opinions are good or bad. I think living and working in a city, where your own style of art can really isolate you from the general public because those artistic choices are not the “norm”, can make you question yourself from time to time.

The whole reason I started performing and creating is because I love the feeling it gives me. That’s my main motivation to keep going. When you rid yourself of the fear of worrying what other people think of you, you become free. You feel like there’s nothing that can hold you back because your mind is not holding you hostage.

So when you try your hardest to block out so many voices telling you “no”, to have the likes of James and Róisín give you a resounding yes, its not so much of an affirmation of committing, it’s more a guide telling me my art is keeping on the right track.

Does it mean a lot to you to represent Perth fashion on the world stage?

You would expect me to say “Yes, coming from a small city, its great to represent a place as supportive a Perth”. But in all honesty, No. My constant struggle has been to find a platform in Perth where I can showcase myself freely, without having to cater to other people wants and needs and have to change who I am.

Perth didn’t support me or extend its hand to great opportunities like this. I went on to social media and found them myself or the opportunities found me, none of them being in or connected Perth. It was only because of the small success I’ve gained, all of the sudden, Perth wants to claim me as their own when they had nothing to do with it in the first place.

If this city was a hell of a lot more supportive to its artists and creators, I would happily be proud to represent Perth. But, because Perth wouldn’t and will not support its artists and creators the way it should, I can’t give Perth the credit it doesn’t deserve.

Having said that, the only ones I’m happy to represent and give credit to are my close friends and family. They are the true supporters, no matter what failures or successes I gain.

Check out more of Ginava’s looks on her website.

Sophie Joske

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