Rudy Lee Taurua brings award-winning comedy to Fringe World

Comedian Rudy Lee Taurua has made it into WA with his award-winning act this Fringe World Festival.

Snapping up trophies for Best Newcomer and People’s Choice at the Adelaide Comedy Awards 2019, and selling-out his run at Adelaide Fringe the same year, Taurua is ready to bring his brand of comedy to west coast audiences.

We caught up with Taurua ahead of his Fringe World run, and we asked him to introduce himself to potential new fans.

“Well I think you could describe me as a work in progress,” Taurua says.

“Although I’ve always had a lot to say I think stand up has really helped me find my true voice.”

Branded as the “stereotype crusher”, Taurua says his queer identity doesn’t play into his act the way people might expect.

“I like to think that I defy the social expectations for what it is to be gay,” he continues.

“When heterosexual people look at me, the last gang they expect me to be a part of is the alphabet mafia.”

Taurua also explains that his experience as a First Nations person brings a different perspective to his comedy.

“I think it gives me a certain understanding of differing opinions that only lived experience can give.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to see life from so many different aspects and it helps approach sensitive issues that just wouldn’t be possible without the genuine understanding.”

When it comes to his show, Rudy Lee Taurua: You Wouldn’t Guess It, Taurua says it’s best to leave expectations at the door!

Rudy Lee Taurua: You Wouldn’t Guess It will be at Fringe World Festival until Sunday 31st January. For more info head to

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