Russell Tovey: coming out nowadays is pretty average – that’s incredible!

In a new interview actor Russell Tovey has reflected on changes to society over the last two decades and notes that nowadays ‘coming out’ is seen as something that is fairly average.

“Each generation that comes by, it becomes more average,” Tovey told Metro.

“It used to be special and a big thing but now it’s just average – it’s the best thing ever to come out as gay and for it to just be average, what an incredible thing!

Tovey shared that he’d recently been chatting to his fourteen year old nephew about how his generation feel about different sexualities and was blown away by his attitude.

“My nephew is 14 and there are kids in his school who are completely out. He was telling me one of the girls in his year fancies his girlfriend, and he said ‘yeah, and she fancies my girlfriend so she gives me dirty looks’ and I was like, ‘oh right, and everyone knows in school and it’s fine?’

“Oh my God, that’s amazing, that’s just so normalised, what an amazing thing!” Tovey exclaimed.

In the interview Tovey chats about the different gay roles he’d played on screen and why he thinks it’s important to see queer characters.

Head to Metro to read the whole interview.

OIP Staff