Scarlet Adams stomps the mall for DJ WasteLand’s new track ‘Tail Lights’


Local lad and Court Hotel favourite DJ WasteLand has released a stunning new music video for his brand new track Tail Lights, featuring one of Perth’s drag superstars – Scarlet Adams.

WasteLand ventures into more poppy terrain for the new track, recruiting vocals from Melina Cortez and drawing influence from new age future bass.

The video, shot in guerrilla style, clearly takes bystanders by surprise as Scarlet dances her way through the Murray Street Mall. WasteLand says he has always wanted to see how people outside of the club scene would react to a queen on the streets.

“I work in the LGBT community so a drag queen is a weekly occurrence to me, but to most on the street they may have never even seen one, and I really wanted to capture that reaction in video form,” WasteLand tells OUTinPerth.

“The most notable was a gentleman who approached us right at the start of the video, he was in rough shape in regards to his sobriety, and he was a bit obsessed with Scarlet asking if she was from space. He then proceeded to follow us for the whole video shoot (which can be seen in the video), and remove his shirt half way through.”

“At this point as you can imagine I’m behind the camera freaking out, thinking this guy is going to ruin everything but ultimately it was quite funny when the song ends and Scarlet leaves frame and all that’s left is him there shirtless.”

The video, which follows Scarlet as she dances down the mall, was filmed in just one take – a challenging feat for any filmmaker or performer. WasteLand says it only took a few rehearsals before his star had the moves down.

“Scarlet is a professional, and really managed to bring it. We did some trial runs prior, but ultimately when it came down to it she just nailed it.”

Watch the video for Tail Lights by DJ WasteLand and starring Scarlet Adams below. Tail Lights is now available on iTunes.

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