Senator Louise Pratt reflects on one year of marriage equality

Western Australian Senator and Shadow Minister for Equality Louise Pratt has shared her thoughts on the advent of marriage equality since Australia voted Yes last year.

Senator Pratt says the Liberal Government should never have put Australians in the position of having to debate and vote on the fundamental right for a consenting adult to marry who they love.

“Through the expensive, non-binding plebiscite hard-right conservatives were given a platform for their divisive and hateful language to spread mistruths about LGBTI people and their families.”

“In the past year over 5000 people have been married in same-sex weddings across the country. Many of these couples have been together for decades and have finally been afforded the opportunity to have their relationship recognised in law.”

Senator Pratt says it has also been an incredible step forward for children of rainbow families, who could see their parents wed “comfortable in the knowledge that in the eyes of the law and a clear majority of their peers, their family is equal.”

“I want to pay tribute to the thousands of Australians who campaigned for the YES result. The campaign was difficult at times, but it was fuelled by a shared goal of equality for all Australians and powered by committed and energetic campaigners that knew exactly how important it was to all of the LGBTI community that the nation returned their ballots in favour of a YES result.”

“All Australians should feel proud today that together we made a positive change for our nation. Together we made a clear statement that we want to see an Australia that is fair and equal.”

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