Seventies disco star Patrick Juvet has died aged 70

Patrick Juvet, the Swiss model who found success as a disco singer in the 1970s has died aged 70.

Juvet was found in his apartment in Barcelona by his manager of 22 years, Yann Ydoux. His cause of death in not known and his manager has told the media and autopsy will be carried out.

Born in Montreux, Switzerland, in 1950 Juvet moved to Paris was he was 18 with little money, he found work as a model and lived in Germany for two years before returning to Paris.

When he was 21 he began recording music, at first with producer Eddie Braclay, and then later Jean Michel Jarre. His debut album came out in 1973 and he release two more albums the same year. He also represented Switzerland and the Eurovision song contest sining Je vais me marier, Marie – he placed 12th in the final counting of votes.

In the late 1970’s he began collaborating on disco songs with Jaques Morali and Henri Belolo, the producers behind American bands The Ritchie Family and The Village People. Victor Willis, the lead singer of The Village People worked as a lyricist on the project.

Got a Feeling, I Love American and Lady Night are some of the songs Juvet recorded which have been loved by disco lovers.

When the disco era ended the singer was unable to sustain his success and he made just a few more records sporadically over the following decades. In 2005 he released his autobiography Les bleus au cœur: Souvenirs (“Bruises on My Heart: Memories). In the book he discussed his music career and his bisexuality.

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