Show some love: Can you help Nat Ripepi beat cancer?

Nat Ripepi is one of Perth’s favourite musicians and a much-loved member of our local queer community.

In 2011 Nat was diagnosed with a rare ovarian cancer and survived a life-threatening surgery performed only once before in Australia.

Back in 2021 we chatted to Nat about her decade of being cancer free and how the support of the local community helped her through her darkest times.

Sadly, Nat is facing cancer again after undergoing a double mastectomy in April. The cancer has also spread to her lymph nodes which now means she will have to go through 6 months of chemo starting later this month followed by one month of radiation therapy.

As a self-employed musician and guitar teacher this is Nat’s only source of income and this will now be on pause for the next 7 months. Her friends have organised a fundraiser to help Nat pay for ongoing medical bills and costs of living for the next 7 months.

You can show your support for Nat by heading to the GoFundMe page set up by friends Adele Varris and Jill Goodwin.

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