So Loquacious – Is it ever okay to ‘out’ someone?

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The second episode of our new podcast was released this week. ‘So Loquacious’ is a weekly conversation about what’s making news and what we think about the issues. Loquacious means talkative, which is got we told off for doing  in the office when we’re meant to be working.

Our guest on episode two of ‘So Loquacious’ is musician and transgender rights advocate Bailey Lions. Bailey appeared on the cover of our August 2015 issue, along side Nick Lawrence and Isla Rose.

Bailey’s article ‘Six Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Had Sexual Reassignment Surgery‘ went on to become the most read story on our website published in 2015.

In this edition we chat about trans representation in film and culture. Secondly we ask the question, “Is it ever okay to ‘out’ someone?” and finally Graeme Watson, Leigh Hill and Bailey Lions each nominate a band they’re loving at the moment.

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