‘Studio 10’ criticised for featuring anti-transgender activist Walt Heyer

Morning panel show Studio 10 have been criticised today for featuring activist Walt Heyer – a man who speaks on his experience living as a trans woman and de-transitioning later in life.

The author of Paper Gender speaks on the concept of ‘transgender regret’, and links the rise of transgender visibility, sexual abuse and other factors as making people feel ‘forced’ to identify as transgender.

Speaking from his Arizona home this morning, Heyer told host Angela Bishop that he believed sexual abuse was the driving force behind his own transition.

In 2015 Media Matters America, a non-profit group who monitor extreme conservative web sites and publications, highlighted that Mr Heyer’s claims in the media should not be considered expert opinion. Heyer’s work has also been heavily promoted by the Australian Christian Lobby, where he featured as a podcast guest four years ago.

The panel were criticised on social media for featuring the noted pseudoscientist, while some viewers noted that host Sarah Harris highlighted that Heyer’s case was very rare, the positive effects of transition on mental health and pointed out that less than 4% of transgender people choose to reverse their decision. Harris also ended the interview with information from transgender support services, and provided contact details for QLife.

Other viewers raised concerns over the lack of a positive transgender voice to counter Heyer’s opinion, or a medical professional who could speak on the subject. Harris responded that they would welcome a transgender guest to tell their story.

OIP Staff

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