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“Now I get to say I knew you when you suffered, when you felt unequal, when you felt there was nothing to look forward to, I knew you then, and I knew you when, but I really know you now”.

Lady Gaga, following the US Supreme Court decision to deem DoMA unconstitutional.

“What I am absolutely confident of is, it will be easier for the next woman and the woman after that and the woman after that. And I’m proud of that”.

Former Prime Minster Julia Gillard discusses being the first female PM in Australia.

“Our nation has always benefited from the service of gay and lesbian soldiers, sailors, airmen, and coast guardsmen, and Marines. Now they can serve openly, with full honour, integrity and respect. This makes our military and our nation stronger, much stronger. The Department of Defence is very proud of its contributions to our nation’s security. We’re very proud of everything the gay and lesbian community have contributed and continue to contribute”.

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel paid thanks to LGBT members of the US defence force.

“Humans can be very innovative sometimes and I can actually see where two people of the same sex, even who are not themselves homosexual in any way, could find a way to get married just for the purpose of sharing those benefits and only for practical reasons”.

Anti Gay Republican Representative John Fleming discusses same-sex marriage.

“Heterosexuals do not have equality, homosexuals have more rights than any sector of society. They have the right to take over city streets, dress ridiculously, and parade with danger and contempt, invade hotels and B&Bs run and owned by people who object to homosexuality, and then sue them when refusal is given”.

Claims made by UK based organisation Straight Pride.

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