Swedish Armed Forces launch Pride campaign

swedisharmypride-001Sweden’s army have launched a new campaign that promotes LGBTIQ Pride and inclusiveness in the country’s military.

The poster for the campaign presents a woman in camouflage gear posed before a camouflage background. The soldier has a prominent rainbow badge sewn onto her arm, boldly against the green and brown of the image along with the caption: “Some things you should not have to camouflage”.

The poster also bears an announcement from the Swedish Armed Forces naming equality as an “essential ingredient of democracy”. The Swedish army pride themselves on treating one another with respect and consider individual differences to be their strength.

Sweden have allowed LGBTI service-people to belong to and live openly as members of the armed forces since 1976 – a move that many nations have still not made today.

The Swedish Armed Forces marketing head Robert Forss says that this is their natural way of communication with the public and does not believe the campaign is challenging or controversial.

OIP Staff

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