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Tim from Big Brother comes out

Big Brother’s Tim Dormer has opened up about his bisexuality and revealed he’s happily in love in a same-sex relationship. The popular TV personality first came to national attention when he won the reality TV show Big Brother back in 2013. He later made a TV documentary with housemate with Ben Zabel about dealing with mental […]

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Big Brother’s Ben Zabel on finding happiness

Big Brother’s Ben Zabel on finding happiness

Former ‘Big Brother’ housemates Tim Dormer and Ben Zabel are the quintessential odd-couple. Dormer is loud and excitable, ready to take on the world, while his friend Zabel is quiet, introverted and often filled with insecurities. When Dormer won Big Brother, he promised to take Zabel to see Elvis’ Graceland. When Zabel’s ongoing struggle with […]

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