Tasmanian advocates welcome gender reform report, call for intersex protections

Tasmanian LGBTIQ advocates have welcomed a new report giving the State’s gender reforms the all clear and calling for surgical intervention on intersex children to be a crime.

The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute has issued a report that says Tasmania’s groundbreaking new gender laws are some of the most progressive in the world, and have had a beneficial impact since they were enacted over a year ago, without any of the “unintended consequences” feared by the state government.

The TLRI also recommends criminalising non-consenting surgery on intersex children and compensation for harm arising from non-consenting surgery.

“We’re very pleased that the report confirms what many of us have already experienced – the laws have helped make the lives of trans and gender diverse Tasmanians easier,” Equality Tasmania spokesperson Charlie Burton said.

“We’re also very pleased that the Law Reform Institute’s research found there weren’t the unintended consequences that some people feared.”

“Tasmania’s world-leading reforms have been given a legal tick of approval and we urge other states to follow our lead.”

“Now we can move on to address other issues so that trans, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians are free from discrimination in all aspects of life, issues like banning unnecessary surgery on intersex children and giving appropriate support to younger Tasmanians who are transitioning.”

A number of transgender and gender diverse Tasmanians are available to speak about the impact of the state’s laws on their lives. As well as endorsing existing gender laws, the TLRI calls for reforms to ensure safety and self-determination for intersex children.

According to Simone-lisa Anderson, Intersex Peer Support Australia (IPSA) representative for Tasmania, Unnecessary medical interventions on infants and children with variations in their sex characteristics can cause life-long harm.”

“The Law Reform Institute recommendations aim to end non-consenting medical interventions.”

“This is something I welcome as do many in this community, given everyone has the human right of body autonomy no matter what age we are.”

“I am looking forward to reading the Institutes recommendations in detail and then talking with state MP’s to progress this critical area of law reform.”

Source: Media release

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