Tasmania’s transgender community celebrates gender reforms

Tasmania’s transgender and gender diverse community have welcomed long-awaited gender reforms, which came into effect in the island state this week.

The reforms will allow gender to be amended or removed from birth certificates without undergoing surgery, while new anti-discrimination protections have also come into effect.

Tasmanian transgender advocate Martine Delaney says a “new day has dawned for transgender and gender diverse Tasmanians.”

“Finally, we will have the same protections and recognition as other Tasmanians,” Delaney said.

“Now all transgender and gender diverse Tasmanians can have their true identity recognised, not just those wealthy enough to have surgery or those who are forced to get divorced.”

Delaney says the clear message is that Parliament can legislate for all Tasmanians, not just the majority or the priviliged.

“I urge all other Australian states and territories to follow our lead toward a more inclusive and equal society for everyone, regardless of gender identity.”

Delaney also dismissed a further review of the new laws as mooted by Premier Will Hodgman.

“The Tasmanian Law Reform Institute is currently conducting a comprehensive review to determine if any further legal amendments are required, so a second review by the Government would be a waste of time and money.”

“People who were spreading misinformation about ‘unintended consequences’ should understand that this is just a small, life-affirming change for a small number of people and it’s not going to change life for anyone else.”

OIP Staff