Teacher fired for refusing to use correct pronoun for transgender student

A teacher at a US high school has been fired from his job because he continually used the incorrect pronoun for a transgender student.

People report that the Peter Vlaming, a teacher in Virginia, had been dismissed from his position after he told the school board that his religion did not permit him to recognise a student’s change of gender.

Vlaming has taught French at the school for seven years, but had been on administrative leave since October. This week the school board unanimously backed the Principal who had recommended his employment be terminated.

It is alleged that Vlaming refused to recognised the student’s new gender, even after he met with the child’s parents, who voiced their support for their child transition.

The teacher had agreed to use the Year 9 students new name, but refused to use the pronouns that aligned with the child’s new gender. Following his dismissal some students staged a walkout in protest claiming that the school had violated Vlaming’s first amendment rights to freedom of religion.

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