The Vengabus is coming

Europe’s #1 party act is coming to Perth in January next year and boy, do they like to party. Puns aside, the Vengaboys had some of the catchiest, best selling dance tracks of the late ’90s early 00’s including Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, We like To Party and We’re going to Ibiza.

Following their reign at the top of the charts, the Vengaboys took a break of several years, however, since 2006 the Vengaboys have been pulling out all the (bus) stops touring the globe and are now returning to Perth. To prep Venga fans for their Australia-wide tour, the group is also releasing ‘The Best of Vengaboys – Australian Tour Edition’.

Their film clip for recent single, Rocket To Uranus features Perez Hilton as the moon and Dead or Alive frontman Pete Burns, who flies in a fist-shaped spaceship. The Vengaboys’ lead singer, Kim Sasabone spoke to OUTinPerth.

Are you excited about your Australian tour?

Super excited! It’s been such a long time since we’ve been to Australia and of course, there is a lot of buzz going on on the internet and we couldn’t be more excited to come down to Australia.

What is it like on tour on the Vengabus?

It’s so much fun, of course. It has always been. It’s always hard work especially here in Europe when we do club dates, it’s very late. I don’t know what it is but people always want to have us really late like 2 or 3 in the morning. It can be exhausting if you have to get up and get an early flight but it’s worth it because we get to meet the best people.

The film clip to ‘Rocket To Uranus’ features media personalities Perez Hilton and Pete Burns. How was it working with them?

It was really exciting. For us we were super excited to meet Pete Burns ’cause he is, he’s just phenomenal, he’s a legend. When he came on set, everyone was really excited and we had so many extras and so many people involved in the studio. When he entered, I felt like a little kid… He’s such an extravagant type of person, he’s so much fun to hang out with it.

There have been a few years between your number 1 hits like Boom, Boom, Boom Boom released around 2000 and last year’s Rocket To Uranus. What were you guys doing in the time between?

Well, we had a couple of years of just trying to live a normal life because touring around the world for seven years non-stop was loads of fun but also really exhausting. You get to really miss the little things, the simple things in life. It sounds really cheesy but it’s true. Like just going out with friends for dinner and going to the movies and see other artists perform and go on a holiday.

The Vengaboys will be performing at Metropolis, Fremantle on January 20 & 21. Tickets available at

Benn Dorrington