Tim Wilson: I’m not pushing for a free vote

Tim Wilson

Liberal MP Tim Wilson has denied media reports that he is pushing for a free vote on the issue of marriage equality.

Wilson told ABC TV this morning that its no secret that he’s a supporter of changing the marriage laws but denies he’s part of a group actively hoping to bring around a change to the Liberal party’s current policy.

The MP said it was only to be expected that there would be more discussion of the issue due to a soon-to-be-released senate inquiry report on the government’s proposed marriage legislation.

“When that committee reports, when that inquiry is concluded, obviously there is going to have to be a discussion,” Wilson said. “Nothing to do with me pushing for anything or anybody else.”

Debate over how the party should deal with the long running issue has erupted once again as MP’s prepare to head back to parliament this week.

OIP Staff


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