Tim Wilson disagrees with Concetta Fierravanti-Wells about marriage debate

Liberal MP Tim Wilson says people need to respect the democratic process that brought about same-sex marriage.

Yesterday Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells announced her resignation from the Turnbull government’s ministry by publishing a scathing letter criticising the Prime Minister leadership.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells said the party was hemorrhaging votes to the ‘right’ because it no longer represented conservative Australians – and the decision to allow a national debate on marriage equality was one of the failures she listed.

Appearing on Radio National’s Drive Tim Wilson said he couldn’t support that analysis, noting that it was conservatives within the Liberal party who had pushed for a plebiscite and then a postal vote.

“How that issue should be resolved was put forward not by the liberal end or wing of the party, or by anyone else, it was obviously by those who were opposed, not those in favour, who decided they wanted to go down the path of a public vote.” Wilson said.

Wilson said people needed to accept the clear wish the Australian people put forward.

“To ignore that would be grossly irresponsible. Its very rare that we get such a clear mandate from the Australian people.

The Liberal MP said part of the challenge of democracy was accepting that sometimes you lose, and politicians were honour-bound to defend democracy and accept the outcome.

Appearing on columnist Miranda Devine’s podcast Senator Fierravanti-Wells said she had been warning her colleagues that the party was moving far to the left of politics.

The senator said same sex marriage was issue that had eroded support from the party’s base.

“We are bleeding votes to the rights…especially in New South Wales and Queensland.” Senator Fierravanti-Wells said. The senator said former Prime Minister John Howard had been more successful because he took conservative views into greater account.

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