Troye Sivan heads to the sauna for his ‘Got Me Started’ video

In his new video Troye Sivan gets naked at a sauna, dances up a story, flashes his underwear and delivers another great tune.

Sivan has shared a second single from his forthcoming album Something To Give Each Other and its another banger.

Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick, who co-wrote and produced Dua Lipa’s New Rules and Don’t Start Now and Selena Gomez’s Bad Liar, Got Me Started samples Shooting Stars from Australian electronic duo Bag Raiders.

Sivan wrote “Got Me Started” with Kirkpatrick, Leland, Tayla Parx and Kaelyn Be.

Speaking about the new track Sivan explained how they came to use the catchy sample.

“When we were writing this song, I was emphatic about using ‘Shooting Stars’ — I just kept humming it in the studio. It’s a huge sample and was a big ask; and I knew that they had never approved it in the past. So, I’m over the moon about the opportunity to sample that track because this song is iconic to me.  And then we have Ian Kirkpatrick on production, who is a genius. I love his work – he had this plan to record the vocal at a slower speed and then speed it up, and ultimately that’s what you hear in the chorus.  I instantly loved the way it sounded.”

The accompany video clip sees Sivan partying in Bangkok including a trip to a sauna.

In the clip he dances his way through the streets of the Thai capital, get in drag backstage at a club, and goes on a sultry date.

The video features cameos from actor and recording artist PP Kritand drag queens Warit Kesmanee (Miss Gimhuay), Angele-Anang Pokinwuttipob (Angele), Yutthaphichai Deleon (Gigi), Thanisorn Hengsoontorn (Anne Maywong) and  Tharathep Thaweephon (Gawdland).

Sivan created the video with the same team from the Rush video – director Gordon von Steiner, cinematographer Stuart Winecoff and choreographer Sergio Reis.

Troye Sivan’s forthcoming album, Something To Give Each Other will be released on October 13 through EMI Music Australia.

OIP Staff, image: Terrance O’Connor.

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