US lawmaker wants to ban the word ‘homosexual’ from schools

Sylvia Allen, a Republican politician in the Arizona senate, has put forward a proposal to ban all mentions of homosexuality from schools.

In 2019 the state repealed legislation known as the “no promo homo” laws, which prevented teachers from mentioning homosexuality in schools. Now the politician seems to be aiming to bring the laws back in.

Senator Tony Navarette, a Democrat from Phoenix, says denying that homosexuality exists deprives students of basic factual information that could keep them safe and healthy.

“This is really a health issue,” he said.

Navarette, who is gay, said that coming out would have been much easier for him had his teachers been able to speak openly about homosexuality in the classroom.

Allen, who hails from the town of Snowflake, has a history of putting forward extreme views. She previously suggested a law to force people to go to church on Sundays, and was widely criticised for suggesting that caucasian women needed to have more children to ‘prevent the USA from looking like South America’.

The politician has also shared her view that the earth is only 6,000 years old and that feminism has destroyed American families.

The Arizona legislature will debate her idea on 14th January.

OIP Staff

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