US politician Ian Mackey delivers powerful speech against trans bans

A politician in Missouri USA has delivered a passionate speech articulating the life-long discrimination that many members of the LGBTIQA+ community experience.

Ian Mackey was incensed that some of the Republican members in his the assembly had added an amendment to a bill that would limit transgender people from playing sport.

The original bill was focused on an audit of the state’s electoral roll and included minor amendments to election laws, but Republican representative Chuck Basye, altered the bill to include clauses which would allow school boards to call elections to decide if transgender youth should be barred form participating in competitive sport.

Mackey addressed Baysie and asked his to recall the time he shared that his own brother was afraid to tell him that he was gay, and then shared that as a gay man he completely understood why.

The politician delivered a powerful two-minute address outlining his experiences as a gay youth, and it’s frustration with conservative politicians attempts to make laws against LGBTIQA+ people.

The laws was passed  89-40 after a three hour long fiery debate, but it hasn’t deterred the politicians from sharing his experience, as he notes in his speech, he’s might lose a battle, but he’s intent on winning the war.

Footage of Mackey making his emotional plea has quickly gone viral around the world.

Take a look at this report from MSNBC. 

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