Van explodes at Australian Christian Lobby HQ

Australian Christian Lobby

A van carry gas cylinders was driven to the Canberra office of the Australian Christian Lobby and set alight causing damage to the building.

The Chief Executive of the organisation, Lyle Shelton, tweeted an image of the van and announced that no staff were in the building at the time of the explosion.

Speaking to News Corp Mr Shelton said the organisation had experienced online trolling and staff had even received death threats over the last year but he was concerned that somebody would take such action.

A man is believed to have driven the white van to the Eternity House building about 10.45pm. Local media have reported that the explosion destroyed the vehicle and blew out some of the windows of the office building.

Australian Capital Territory Police have confirmed there is an ongoing police operation in relation to the incident and have appealed for anyone who may have witnessed the event to contact them.

A man who is alleged to be the driver of the van is currently being treated for injuries in a Canberra hospital.

OIP Staff

06:15 22-01-16 Updated: information about alleged driver of the van were added. 00:11 30-12-16 This article was updated to remove references to the van being rammed into the ACL building in light of fresher information.

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