Liberal President Michael Kroger stops conversion therapy debate

Michael Kroger, the President of the Victorian Liberal party, has stepped in to stop debate over a proposal to promote counselling that suggests LGBTIQ+ people can resist their sexuality or gender identity.

The party was set to debate a motion put forward by young Liberals linked to federal member Kevin Andrews, that had upset LGBTIQ+ members of the party.

The proposal┬ácalled for Victoria’s laws to be changed to ensure doctors “can offer counselling out of same-sex attraction or gender transitioning”.

Currently Victoria is the only jurisdiction in Australia that outlaws gay conversion therapy, practices that claim you can adjust your sexuality via counselling.

Speaking on Sky News this morning Kroger said he had asked for the proposals to be removed.

“There are a couple of things on the agenda that are inappropriate. I’ve asked the branches to withdraw and they have agreed” Kroger said.

OIP Staff