Vincent AIDS Memorial Gets A Makeover

Candlelight Memorial AIDSImprovements to the Robertson Park AIDS Memorial should be complete within two to five weeks.

Mayor of the City of Vincent Alannah McTiernan told Out in Perth that in addition to work completed prior to 2012’s World AIDS Day the makeover will serve as a poignant reminder of a sad time for the queer community.

“This is a memorial that has been very important for much of the gay community and we want to make it as good as it can be,” she said.

“It is a work of art and so as a work of art it has value for the whole community.”

Improvements include the installation of stainless steel on the surrounds of the reflection pond, the replacement of ineffective fibre-optic lighting at the rear of the memorial to an LED lighting system and the installation of signage and a commemorative plaque.

A plan for a memorial rock garden in the space is being finalized this month.

“We’re a really inclusive community, I think the gay community is not only numerically significant but contributes a great deal to the creative energy of the city,” the Mayor said.  The estimated cost of the project is $15 000.

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