Vlossom deliver fresh psychedelic dance pop

Vlossom – the musical project that unites Nick Littlemore and Alister Wright – has released their first EP and its lead single Missing You. 

Wright is best known as the lead singer of indie band Cloud Control, while Littlemore has a long history of being 50% of a duo. He was one half of PNAU alongside Peter Mayes, until his brother Sam joined the outfit turning them into a trio, and teams up with Luke Steele to form Empire of the Sun.

Having offered the first glimpse into their world-bending with their debut single Catch Your Breath in late 2019, Vlossom now release their debut EP, My Friend and lead single Missing You.

“The whole EP represents the start of what’s become a huge part of our lives, both in actual work but moreover in a greater understanding and greater reward living through nature and sacred practices,” explains Littlemore.

“We hope to bring back from the distantly close dimensions some force of joy and love, like flowers opening over and over again, like the first breaths of spring, to the clearest azure summer day and into the early autumn warmth.”

In dreaming up the songs on their debut EP, Vlossom drew inspiration from brilliantly disparate sources: the soundtrack to the original Blade Runner, neo-expressionist painter Peter Max, Miles Davis’s late-’70s output, Riane Eisler’s cultural anthropology text The Chalice and The Blade.

Littlemore describes the bands goal as creating music which is filled with positivism and hope.

“If we can impart anything to people, I hope it’s that feeling of losing yourself in a moment, stepping outside of yourself in the best imaginable way,” Littlemore said. “In a world that’s increasingly hard to navigate and understand, I think it’s so important to have those moments of levity and beauty and positivity, with the hope that maybe some of that feeling might carry on into the rest of your life.”

Vlossom’s debut EP My Friend is out April 3rd, 2020 via Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes’ newly launch label, Lab78.

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