Westboro Baptist Church says their ban from UK caused Westminster attack

The Westboro Baptist Church have blamed the recent terror attack in London on the organisations ban from the United Kingdom.

The horrific attack in the heart of London earlier this week claimed the lives of four people and saw 20 more injured after a man drove a car into a crowded area and stabbed a police officer.

The church, who are known for brandishing “God Hates Fags” signs at their rallies, have said the attack is a result of them being disallowed from the country by Prime Minister Theresa May.

May banned the group under former Prime Minister David Cameron in her role as Home Secretary, following the lead of the previous Labour government to ban members of the Phelps family – who started the church.

The church tweeted that the “UK’s unwise ban of WBC gospel preaching now blooming.”

“God H8S the fag UK. He sent Muslims whom He H8S as a weapon to punish.”

The organisation also re-shared a video of their members condemning the UK’s “embrace of sodomy and same-sex marriage.”

OIP Staff

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