Western Australians share their journey for World AIDS Day

Despite living happy and healthy lives, the stigma of HIV continues. HIV positive people often need to hide their status from friends, family and workplaces, for fear of discrimination.

HIV Positive West Australians have combined with the Western Australian AIDS Council to combat the stigma surrounding the virus, in the lead up to World AIDS Day on December 1st.

Six local Perth residents are involved an advertising campaign that challenges the general public’s notion of HIV.

The campaign is called Sharing the Journey, and will appear across billboards, newspapers and social media across November and December.

Mark Reid, one of the six participants, said the virus has become a cultural and emotional issue for the positive community, now that effective treatment has diminished the medical concerns.

“Those of us who know our HIV status and are on treatment, are just as healthy as the next person, but it is the stigma surrounding HIV that can be a real challenge.

“By being involved in this campaign, we can humanise HIV, and hopefully take away some of the fear and myths surrounding it.

“It speaks volumes that some of my friends felt they couldn’t be part of this campaign, because of the possible consequences. In 2017, that sort of thing has been going on for far too long.”

The campaign follows on from a documentary, also called Sharing the Journey, released earlier this year, that describes the impact of HIV on a group of West Australians.

Watch the full documentary below.

Source: Media Release

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