Worth a Read: Check out these news stories from around the web

The OUTinPerth team spend all day surfing the web looking for the latest news and stories to share. Here’s three recent stories from other outlets that are definitely worth a read.

Being childless wasn’t my choice, but people assume it was

Well known Melbourne based LGBTIQA+ rights activist Michael Barnett shares his story in this series from the ABC about people who are childless, but not by choice.

‘I was deported for wearing tinted moisturiser’: Qatar’s new LGBT crackdown

Twelve months on from Qatar 2022, LGBT people reveal police are ‘doubling down’ on mistreatment. This report shares the story of a flight attendant who was recently deported from the country because he wore tinted moisturiser. Read this report at iNews.

These Photos Capture the “Gay Paradises” of 1980s America

As his new book is released, photographer Nicholas Blair talks about capturing the heat and hedonism of the queer communities in 1980s San Francisco and New York. Read the report from anOther.

I’m constantly told I don’t look ‘gay enough’

Author Aaina Husain shares her thoughts on experiences of people telling her she looks straight. Check out the story at Metro.  OUTinPerth editor Graeme Watson shared a similar challenge back in 2011.

‘It’s pretty obvious I’m queer’: We asked young people how they use fashion to express themselves

In this report from the ABC, young people are asked about ‘flagging’, how the way they dress sends messages about their queer sexuality. In the new TV series They Way We Wore, historian from Adelaide University Madeleine Seys explains how clothes played a big role in the queer community, dating back to the 1800s, but how do young people today communicate their sexuality through dress?

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