‘You Can’t Ask That’ returns with bogans, gay men, models and more

The popular series You Can’t Ask That returns to the ABC tonight, and while they’ll be an episode each Wednesday night, the entire series will be available to binge view immediately on iView.

This time round the show will continue it’s tradition of putting questions to misunderstood and marginalised groups in society. This time the spotlight is being shone on gay men, models, porn stars, people who have experienced dependency and addiction to prescription medication, people who experience postnatal depression, bogans, people who went to juvenile detention, and people affected by dementia.

OUTinPerth had a sneak peek of the upcoming episodes and they are captivating as ever. The episode featuring on gay men has many lovely inter-generational moments between the participants showing that growing up today is very different to how it was in the 50s or 60s.

As always the series is an emotional roller-coaster filled with many hilarious and lighthearted moments, but there also a lot of heartbreak and sad memories for many of their participants.

..and all the equations you’d expect for each topic are there, but there’s also some thought provoking questions too.

You Can’t Ask That is on ABCTV at 9.00pm tonight, and available on iView.

OIP Staff

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