YUMMY are off the leash at this year’s Fringe World Festival

Following the success of their deluxe performances last year, the YUMMY team have returned for another round of Fringe World festivities.

The queer cabaret brings together the best of Melbourne’s drag, cabaret and circus artists for a delicious show that’s on everyone’s lips.

We caught up with drag mistress and ringleader Valerie Hex for a quick-fire chat about this year’s show – UNLEASHED.

Where (and when) did YUMMY all begin?

August 2015 at The Toff in Town in Melbourne. In the last five years we’ve toured all over the world and can’t believe our luck!

We’ve enjoyed YUMMY and YUMMY DELUXE – what’s new in UNLEASHED?

Unleashed is sexier and more physical than ever. It’s fast paced and ferocious!

Your previous shows have often been lauded as a celebration of gender expression and queerness – what is the essence of YUMMY to you?

The power of camp. The art of fierceness!

What inspires the YUMMY team? Where do you look to keep your ideas fresh and exciting?

We’re inspired by fashion designers and each other. The group has a wonderful and supportive way of pushing each other to make new work regularly.

In the sea of Fringe World shows on offer – what do you think makes YUMMY unique?

We are just doing our thing, but we’ve shaped the culture around YUMMY to include rigour and research as well as camp antics on stage. A lot of shows are thrown together at the last minute. Every second of YUMMY is considered. We absolutely LOVE Fringe World audiences too! Perth knows how to party!

Catch YUMMY Unleashed and YUMMY Up Late at Fringe World until Sunday 9th February.

Leigh Andrew Hill

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