12.6 million Australians have taken part in the marriage postal survey

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed the latest count on the number of marriage survey forms returned.

A whopping 12.6 million Australians have returned their forms, representing 78.5 per cent of the eligible voters. The response rate is higher than the United Kingdom’s Brexit poll, the Irish referendum on marriage and the last US election.

The ABS estimate of returned ballots that have been released every Tuesday afternoon usually count until the previous Friday. So the total number of returned forms will be slightly higher by the time the ABS closes off the survey at 4:30pm this afternoon.

Advocates on both sides of the debate have been urging supporters to make sure any remaining forms are submitted. While it’s too late to post in a form, they can be delivered directly to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Alex Greenwich from Australian Marriage Equality urged people who have not yet delivered their form to make the effort and ensure they don’t miss out on having their say on the issue.

“The race is on to get your final votes in.”

“Posting your Yes is now not an option, but there is still time to hand deliver your vote directly to the ABS or vote online if that applies to you.

“If your survey form is still on the kitchen table, or in the bottom of your gym bag, get it out, fill it in and take it to the ABS drop-off centre.” Greenwich said earlier today.

The Coalition for Marriage sent out a final call to action via it’s Freedom Team phone app. Suggesting supporters ask friends, family and colleagues if they have any final ‘No’ votes to be included in the survey, with the group encouraging supporters to take people’s forms to the ABS for them.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will accept marriage postal survey forms and it’s drop-off centre until 4:30pm on Tuesday. The ABS office is at Level 1, Durack Centre, 263 Adelaide Terrace, Perth.

The results of the postal survey will be announced on Wednesday 15 November.

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