Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton introduce their son

Welcome To Our Pride - YouTube - Google Chrome 23122015 102035 AMMatt Dallas, the star of TV show ‘Kyle XY’ and his husband musician Brandon Blue Hamilton have revealed that they’re parents after adopting a little boy.

In a YouTube video the couple explain how they considered all the different options for starting a family ranging from surrogacy to overseas adoptions and private adoptions. Finally the couple decided to go with a state based adoption and the recently welcomed their son into their lives.

In the video the couple of shared that they began as foster parents and were originally supposed to have a six month trial placement, but after about six minutes they decided to adopt.

“We just happened to fall in love with this certain little boy who came to stay with us. On the car ride home we decided he was going to be ours, and we weren’t going to give him up!” the couple explain.

“There was supposed to be a six-month trial period, but there was about a six minute trial period before we knew he was going to be ours.”

Halfway through the video two year old Crow jumps in and joins the couple. The family share their excitement and spending their first Christmas together.

Check out their adorable family video.

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