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abberAs fans across the globe anticipate the release of her most exciting album yet, Australia’s leading rock ‘n’ roll turned doom pop vixen, Abbe May, has come on the record about her sexuality. Much like Abbe May’s music, it’s ambiguous yet perfectly articulated.

Men and women alike who have found themselves swooning at the front row of her gigs or potentially fornicating to her pheromone-inducing records can breathe a sigh of relief with news that May doesn’t preference a particular gender.

“I’ve had relationships with both men and women and I’ve had great and bad in both. To me it’s just all the same thing, the heart of the person and the way you’re compatible, you’ll find the most surprising companions if you look beyond gender”, she said.

Don’t go thinking that May is putting herself into any category, though; a long chat with the artist showed views that identified labels as constricting and unnecessary, with an underlying notion of love is love, regardless.

“I am 100% pro sexual freedom as long as it’s consented and moral, who gives a fuck what’s between their legs, you know? It’s all love”.

If you’re wondering why May hasn’t already spoken publicly about her sexuality, the honest answer is she just hasn’t really considered it an interesting point. May emphasises that sexuality shouldn’t even be a talking topic at this day in age, explaining “if you end up finding that more interesting than my music, then my music is not for you.”

“My main thing is I just don’t really care, I’m very open and honest about what I am, my beliefs and actions, I have nothing to hide”.

May is more likely to turn you down for your political views, she laughed whilst saying “It’s more about… are you an Abbott supporter? Because then I’m not going to touch you with a barge pole!”

Despite refusing to fall into any categories (including pansexuality, we did challenge her on that), May is quite happy to step up as a campaigner for LGBTI rights, already quite immersed in support for equality, the artist embraced questions about fans expecting even more support.

“I think regarding gay rights with the expectation to do more – I’m well and truly happy to stand up and say ‘you’re being a bully if you discriminate against someone based on their sexuality’.

“I really am hoping for a future Australia that doesn’t even consider these things. I really do believe in a few years time people that campaigned against it and spoke out against it are really going to look fucking stupid.”

May went on to speak about how if you hadn’t already worked out she was fluid/transient with her sexuality, you definitely would have by the end of her new album ‘Kiss My Apocalypse’.

“I think if you listen to this record it’s pretty fucking obvious. I’m being a very honest song writer and performer, for me that’s the only responsibility I have to any kind of declaration about sexuality”.

529396_10151638976190934_1463522565_n[1]The album artwork also sends a message of liberation, with an image which is intended as a study of the ‘Madonna/Whore’ complex. It stands as a subtle dig at religious oppression on sexuality.

With an established reputation as generating music that is considered sensual/sexual/releasing-all-sorts-of-pheromones, the artist laughed over fans using her music as the soundtrack for sweet, sweet, love making.

“It’s odd when people tell me they have sex to the record and stuff, it’s like fuck that’s a real compliment! I would never tell anyone I have sex to their record. My best mate told me he had sex to one of my albums and I was like ‘man, that’s just really weird’”. When posed with the thought that there are people who may have conceived to her voice the artist burst out laughing, “oh my god, what an honour!”

May spoke of being approached by the producers of television series’ who want her music for the soundtrack, “every time I get one through it’s this wild sex scene and each one seems to top the previous one, the ‘Top of the Lake’ pitch was pretty great, I love the idea of some great character getting head in the bathroom while one of my songs plays in the background”.

Turning back to her sexuality, May emphasised honesty and inclusivity was key, and that her work came first “there’s no need for any kind of segregation, my artwork is honest, my songs are honest, but me as a person, I’m quite complex, like everyone”.

‘Kiss My Apocalypse’ will be released on May 10. Abbe May will be playing at the Prince of Wales, Bunbury Saturday June 1 and the Perth Concert Hall on Sunday 2.


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Nadine Walker

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