Alison Wonderland ‘Get Ready’ Australian Tour

alison-wonderland-press-shotThe tables have turned for the diversified Sydney party DJ, Alison Wonderland, as she hits the road promoting her first ever debut single ‘Get Ready’.

Part way through a mammoth national tour, Wonderland takes some time out to talk to OUTinPerth about being on tour, Billy Corgan and which artist really gets her goat!


KC: What would be the top three things that are helping to keep you pumped on this tour?

AW: Oooh, my iPad (laughs) so I can watch movies on the plane and not go insane. You know the crowd response keeps me really, really pumped on this tour. It’s just been so good. It’s really weird, on this tour I’ve noticed I’ve been able to have a lot more freedom with what I play, people are accepting a lot more new music that they don’t know and that’s really keeping me going. Also knowing that when I get home from touring I get to see my dog- that keeps me going!

KC: Yay! Has anything crazy ever happened while you’ve been playing a set?

AW: Yes!

KC: Care to share a story?

AW: Well I’ve had people wearing blow up toys jump off the stage when I was playing into the crowd, that happened on the weekend. I did not realise that was gonna happen, it was pretty funny. They were just surfing along on these blow up turtles.

KC: Awesome. Would you say you’d prefer playing more at bars and clubs, or at festivals?

AW: I can’t really pick one because to me, it’s more about the vibe of the audience, so if the energy’s really good I don’t care if I’m playing in a toilet.

KC: Hah! I heard you met your idol, Billy Corgan last year, did you end up playing him the song you wrote him when you were a youngster?

AW: Nooo! He doesn’t even know! Hell no! But I did play him some of my music,that was really amazing and I tried not to look like I was going to cry.

KC: Cute. Can you give us a demo of some of the lyrics that were in the song?

AW: (laughs) I really don’t want anyone to know!

KC: Ah, top secret! Well it’s no secret you’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in music, is there any artist or song that you wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole?

AW: Oh there’s heaps, there’s heaps of shit out there! I wouldn’t go near Pitt Bull or Flo Rider, ever, or— he can suck my wang! People who have ruined the term ‘pop music’ because I don’t think ‘pop music’ is a bad term, I think it’s awesome— like I would consider Hot Chip pop music.

KC: Fair enough! When are you releasing the details of your secret show on the 28th?

AW: I’m not sure, but I think it’s in Perth- it’s actually in your lounge room.

KC: Excellent! Please do! We’ll we’re running out of time so last question to wrap it up, if you were stuck on a desert island and you could only have three albums with you for the rest of your life, what would they be?

AW: Graceland by Paul Simon, The White Album by The Beatles, and Bach’s Cello Suite played by Janos Starker, ‘cause you need a bit of classical in your life when you’re on an island. If it wasn’t on an island, maybe it would be a different answer… otherwise that would be them.

KC: Well I feel like that was a difficult question given your broad taste in music, so kudos on the prompt response.

AW: Well, look. Graceland is my happy album, so I could never ignore that one.

KC: I think that’s a lot of peoples happy album. Well thanks so much for your time and looking forward to hearing you when you come to Perth.

New single, ‘Get Ready’  featuring Fishing and some crazy cool Juggalo kids has set the bar for what’s to come from Wonderland. Take a listen below.

Catch Alison Wonderland playing live on Wednesday, 28th August (secret show) and Friday 30th August at Speak Easy, Villa, Perth.

Tickets available at Moshtix.


Katie Cameron



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