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Alison Wonderland

Australian DJ and Musician Alison Wonderland is releasing her highly anticipated debut album ‘Run’ on March 20th. She sat down for breakfast with OUTinPerth ahead of the release.

“I wrote most of the record in Los Angeles, so I was inspired a lot by that, I spent a good 7 months there last year back and forth, I wrote it about the music industry over there and the people I was meeting. I was people watching, I was observing things. I was quite naïve when I was going there because I didn’t really know much about the bigger side of the music industry and the people there, it’s about falling in love over there, it’s about everything! It really captured a big chunk of my life where a lot of things were changing.”

Before taking up DJing, Wonderland was a trained cellist. However, as she got older she began to expand her musical horizons. “I heard Silent Shout by The Knife and that made me want to pick up a computer and make electronic music. I’ve always liked a lot of different genres, I have quite eclectic taste because of my parents. I was playing cello and that’s what I thought I was gonna do and then I guess I realized there was a bigger world out there and I was liking different things.”

Wonderland’s features a strong mix of guest artists, including a notable collaboration with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. The track, entitled ‘U Don’t Know’ has been gaining popularity and plenty of radio play. “The Wayne Coyne one was interesting, because all the other artists on this album are my friends. He just heard the track through my label! That’s probably the only thing my label organized. He liked the song so he wanted to be a part of it, which is crazy! I love that a lot of artists from different worlds and genres are collaborating and I think it brings something a little different out of the music. I’m a really big believer in that!”

Alison Wonderland’s debut album ‘Run’ is being released on March 20th.

Sophie Joske

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