Anti-Gay Campaigning May Have Helped Queer TV

The FostersJennifer Lopez might be thanking anti-gay group One Million Moms for their rampant campaigning against her lesbian family drama show ‘The Fosters’.

The show – which tells the story of an interracial queer couple raising their adopted, fostered and biological kids – has shot up in rating for its second airing episode.

The conservative group One Million Moms have sworn to get the show off air through campaigning, claiming the show is ‘anti-family’.

Despite this, the show has jumped 20% in total viewers, from 1.42 million to 1.7 million viewers between the first and second episode.

There have been suggestions that attention put on the show from the group may have helped boost ratings.

Lopez, who is the Executive Producer for the show, has suggested featuring as a cameo in the show, but will not appear for the first few episodes.

 The show is currently airing in the US.

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