Is There Anything Better Than FroYo?

FroYoFrozen Yoghurt

by Constance and Mathilde Lorenzi

Murdoch Books


Frozen yoghurt has only been around since the 1770s and sisters Constance and Mathilde Lorenzi are self-confessed yoghurt evangelists since opening their shop Mylk in Paris in 2010.

They have now published their recipes for everyone to enjoy, particularly if you can’t make it to Paris for your mid-morning pick-me-up of green milkshake made with frozen yoghurt, green apple and kale or green tea yoghurt with kiwi fruit and pineapple.

The recipes use commercial yoghurt but I have recently found out that it is easy to make your own yoghurt at home. Using the fat-free yoghurt allows you to indulge in sauces and toppings like raspberry coulis, caramelised pecan nuts or crème brûlée.

The frozen yoghurts don’t need an ice-cream maker and some of the mouth-watering combinations include mango and lime; black currant and white chocolate; muesli and banana; and chocolate and candied chestnuts.

There are also decadent cake and dessert recipes to make a splash the next time you have people around for a meal. The rice pudding with yoghurt looks interesting, as does the apple, walnut and cranberry yoghurt cake.

You might not be able to get Bulgarian sheep’s milk yoghurt, but you can substitute. The instructions are easy to follow and the full-page pictures are almost good enough to eat.

Lezly Herbert

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