Australian Dads Read Childrens’ Book for Queer Youth

samuel leighton dore

Queer writer and relationship columnist Samuel Leighton-Dore has written a humorous adult-childrens’ book with the aim of opening a dialogue on LGBT bullying.

The book ‘I Think I’m a Poof’ tells the tale of a young boy named Johnny, who tells his father he thinks he might be gay, and is met with some useful advice.

Leighton-Dore stated on the book’s website that its creation was inspired by his own childhood experiences.

“I was first called a poof when I was eight years old, and the label stuck like glue.” he wrote.

“With tongue firmly in cheek, this little book is my way of starting what I believe to be an important conversation. It remains true that most LGBT children will spend years in that awful figurative closet – questioning themselves, their identity and their sexuality.

“Even with the support of a loving family, coming out at sixteen was one of the hardest things I’ve done. And I can’t help but wonder whether I might have felt braver, sooner, should a book like this have come in to my possession back then.”

In the clip below, three fathers with gay sons give a reading of ‘I Think I’m a Poof’, and share their stories of parenting same sex attracted children (warning: the clip contains some derogatory language).

One dollar from each book sold will be donated to QLife, Australia’s first nationally orientated telephone counseling and support service for LGBTI people.

OIP Staff

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