Beyonce is Flattered to be a Gay Icon


As queers and straights alike prepare to secure their tickets for Beyonce’s upcoming Australia tour, it comes as no surprise that Beyonce has been labelled a gay icon, and totally embraced it!

In an interview the mega star welcomed the status shared with the likes of Madonna, Cher and Judy Garland, stating she was ‘flattered’ to be ‘in the company of great women’.

The comments were made during a Flaunt Magazine interview back in 2011, she went on to explain “I think they love that we are bold, unafraid to love, and flaunt our sexuality and strength”.

Since these comments Beyonce has openly supported the removal of DoMA, posting on her Facebook the star stated:

“It’s about TIME!!! #EQUALITY #MarryWhoYouLove” – the post reached 60,000 likes within an hour.

Beyonce will be playing at Perth Arena on Friday November 8. Tickets go on sale Friday July 19.  



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