Bob Katter has joined TikTok and people have some questions


Federal MP Bob Katter appears to have joined the social media app TikTok and his first video has people asking some questions.

The clip shows Katter marching through the halls of parliament with text saying “Need to have a bit of a chat with the PM”.

Over the clip The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) from the Star Wars films plays. While among the hashtags on the clip is #silverfox.

@therealbobkatter##BobKatter ##auspol ##parliamenthouse ##Katter ##Bob ##politics ##australia ##australianparliament ##HonBobKatterMP ##silverfox ##whitehair ##suit ##Kennedy♬ Imperial March – From “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” – Wiener Philharmoniker & John Williams

In the comments TikTok users asked Katter is he was aware that the theme is for the evil character in the Star Wars saga.

“Ya know that music me means YOU’RE the bad guy right?” one TikTok user asked. While another inquired, “He is aware this is literally designed to be as evil and authoritarian as possible right?”

While other’s questioned if the Queensland MP met the criteria to be described as a “silver fox”.

OUTinPerth has reached out to Bob Katter’s office to ask if the account is genuine, and we also asked if Bob Katter would be taking up any of the popular dance challenges on the app.

A spokesperson from his office confirmed the man himself was indeed behind the new account.

“Yes. This is Bob’s account. Bob has a huge demographic of young people that follow his other social media accounts. Bob is an intriguing and engaging person but is often misunderstood. He wants to connect with younger demographics to communicate areas of his life, parts of history, policy, life in parliament, and his movements around the electorate. TikTok provides opportunity to portray Bob and what he stands for in unique and creative way.” the spokesperson said.

As for what the member for Kennedy was off to see the PM about, his spokesperson said it could have been a range of different issues.

“This video was posted originally to his Instagram page during the last parliamentary sitting. Bob moves constantly around the House between meetings when Parliament is sitting  as well in and out of the chamber – which is where Bob likes to speak indirectly to the PM among many other politicians on topics like drought, fuel security, bolstering our defence forces, populating inland Australia, foreign influence and cost of living. Keep an eye out on his TikTok for some memorable Chamber banter.”

His office was adamant though that the MP does not align himself with Darth Vader, with his spokesperson saying he probably doesn;t even know who Darth Vader is.

“No! I doubt Bob even knows who Darth Vader even is. What we do know, is that the tune is a globally recognised as being ominous. Naturally, when Bob storms the halls of Parliament, he is a man on a mission and there is nothing more to it than that.”

The door however is open on dance challenges.

“Anyone that wants to challenge Bob to a duet or stitch – hint, go for some Slim Dusty, Johnny Cash or Creedence Clearwater. He’ll challenge you back!” his office promised.

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