Born To Sparkle are bringing ‘inner sparkliness’ to the world

Mrs Sparkles time to shine has arrived!

Belle Maccoll is a staunch mum, a small business owner and possesses an admirable amount of strength and resilience every day.

In 2015, Belle barely escaped with her life after a head-on collision with an oncoming driver.

“It was a really terrifying accident… very tragic” said her partner and co-director of Born to Sparkle, Mark Redenbach.

“Coming home from work one day I saw someone on the wrong side of the road…I beeped my horn and then I don’t actually remember, I was thinking ‘Where’s my daughter? Where am I? What’s happening? I apparently had a huge hole in my face,” Belle tearfully told journalist Vesh Arumugam.

Consequently, Belle was unable to work in the field of aged/disability care as an occupational therapist assistant. Instead of surrendering to her limitations, Belle focused on healing a day at a time and decided, with the support and inspiration from her young daughter Miley, that she would start her own business.

And so, with the help of her supportive partner Mark, sister Kim Stevenson and close friends, Born to Sparkle came to be!

“I have always loved bringing joy and happiness to people,” said Belle.

“My motivation for starting Born to Sparkle was a desire to continue spreading that joy and happiness in a new-found way. I wanted to give back to the community that helped me through my time in need.” she continued.

Belle has used her vivacious personality and her arsenal of cosmetic glitter to benefit local grassroots organisations. Notable organisations and events include the PCYC in Fremantle, local LGBT+ community radio program Rainbow KINection and the inaugural Busselton Pride Parade.

“We loved helping everyone show their inner sparkliness to the world. It’s a very special thing to support the LGBTQIA+ community by physically applying pride in the form of glitter. Not to mention, rainbows and glitter are a match made in heaven. The outpouring of love and acceptance from the LGBTQIA+ community is so beautiful to be a part of.”

Belle and Mark practice cultural sensitivity at Born to Sparkle and have consulted with local Indigenous Elders when creating designs linked to ATSI culture.

Born to Sparkle consider it a privilege to have been granted permission by the elders to integrate Indigenous culture into their range of products and services.

You can get into Born To Sparkle at, or find them on Facebook, IG and Twitter

Marley Amphlett